Zoe Landau
Zoe Landau.jpg
Character info
Portrayed by Jennifer Beals
Family Dr. Cal Lightman (ex-husband)

Emily Lightman (daughter)

Zoe Landau is a fictional recurring character in the 2009 series Lie To Me. She is the ex-wife of Dr. Cal Lightman, mother of Emily Lightman and fiancee of Roger.

Zoe's first appearance was in the episode "The Better Half". She came to Cal and asked for his help in solving an arson case. In this episode it seems that Zoe shows some jealousy towards Gillian, though it is not confirmed. She is an Assistant Attorney General and though currently engaged to another man, she also engaged in a tryst with Lightman, after he helped her in a case. It was revealed in "Truth or Consequences" that she is bi-racial, having a white mother and African-American father.

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