Ria Torres
Torres 1
Character info
Portrayed by Monica Raymund
Family Ava Torres
First Seen Pilot
Affiliation The Lightman Group

Ria Torres (often referred to simply as Torres) is a Natural and former TSA agent who was first introduced in the Pilot.

Torres was hired by Cal Lightman after passing his "test" while she was working airport security. 

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Early LifeEdit

Ria grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father. She has a half sister, Ava, who is significantly younger than her, and who shares the same father.

On Lie to MeEdit

Season OneEdit

In Pilot, Ria is working for the TSA when she notices Cal Lightman flash a partial fear expression. She pulls him out of the line at the airport, and questions him. However, he and Gillian Foster offer her a job at the Lightman Group, giving her a large suitcase of cash as a "signing bonus". She also seems unfazed by Eli Loker's Radical Honesty.

Season TwoEdit

In Delinquent , we get to see a small bit of Ria's past when we meet her half-sister, Ava. Ria plays a central part in this episode due to her being related to the case so closely.

Season ThreeEdit

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Ava TorresEdit

Ava, Ria's half-sister, was also pushed around by her father and she did time for assaulting a police officer, even though she said, "It was just a slap." Ria loves Ava unconditionally even though she never admits it. It is referred to in the episode Delinquent that Ria would come over when Ava was a child. She would braid her hair and help her with her homework.

Eli LokerEdit

Torres and Loker have a complicated relationship, although it is hinted that Ria is into Eli. 

Cal LightmanEdit

In the beginning of the show, it is shown that Lightman doesn't completely believe in Ria's ability to read facial expressions, because of the fact that she is a natural. In the episode Blinded, he says that he and Torres have a mentor and apprentice relationship, but that she still has a lot to learn with him.

Gillian FosterEdit

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