Dr. Maureen O'Sullivan was a psychology professor at the University of San Francisco who helped Paul Ekman in the discovery of microexpressions and the creation of The Paul Ekman Group. They ran together the  Wizard Project.

She got her PhD back in the day working with Guilford on the structure of intellect model of intelligence. Her research interests included intelligence, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, evolutionary psychology, deception-detection, and human mating.Maureen O'Sullivan devoted her career to understanding how people understand (or don't) each other's thoughts and feelings. She worked on tests of social intelligence with J.P. Guilford and measures of facial expressions and gestures with Paul Ekman. She also studied cross-cultural differences in romantic love, test construction, and ethnic, gender and age differences in various social-emotional abilities including lie detection. She was a professor of psychology at the University of San Francisco until her death in 2010.

On May 10 of 2010, she lost her fight against cancer.

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