Ben Reynolds
Ben Reynolds profile
Character info
Portrayed by Mekhi Phifer
Family Unknown
First Seen Blinded
Last Seen Black and White
Affiliation FBI Agent stationed at The Lightman Group

Ben Reynolds is an FBI Agent who, for the most part, resides at The Lightman Group to aid in the many criminal cases that Cal and his team handle. He is portrayed by Mekhi Phifer.

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On Lie to MeEdit

Season 1Edit

Ben is introduced in the episode Blinded, and at the end, becomes the FBI's associate at the Lightman Group.

In Sacrifice, Ben asks the Lightman Group to help out with determining the origins of the terrorists bombings happening in the D.C. area.

Season 2Edit

In Black and White, Reynolds is shot while following Cal Lightman. This is his last physical appearance in the series.


Cal LightmanEdit

Cal and Ben have a difficult relationship due to the fact that they both had different styles of extracting information from a suspect. Cal having a more gung ho attitude as opposed to Ben's more calm and collected style (although he has had his aggressive moments).


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